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ActivitiesWe now have a cooperation with the newly opened watersport center in Jambiani, just a 15 Activitiesminute drive north in Jambiani.
As guest from La Madrugada you can benefit from all their products and when you book in advance you get an extra discount.


All excursions are organized by the hotel. We also profoundly assist you for any enquiries regarding Safaris in Tanzania.

Dolphin Tour

ActivitiesEver wished you swim with dolphins? At Kizimkazi, just 10 km from
our lodge this certainlyActivities is one of Zanzibar Holiday Highlights. Every morning and afternoon you can go out with a local motorboat to see a swarm of around 15 – 20  dolphins

Jozani Forest Tour/Jozani Sea Turtle Sanctury/Mangrove Swamps

ActivitiesThe Zanzibarian Rain Forest, Jozani, hosts the Red Monkey – a funny and friendly creature, and the only place on earth where you can find them is Zanzibar.Activities
Follow us to Jozani Sea Turtle Sanctuary, where ailing turtoises are nursed back to health and released into the ocean. A trip through the coastal sediment of mangroves would be the last stop.

Zala Park/Bird Watching

ActivitiesZala Park, a close by area, is the habitat of endangered species of the island. Mohammed,Activitiesthe keeper of the garden, will explain to you that this environment has been created for pythons, lizards, crabs, turtles, dik diks/tiny gazelles and hyraxes/rock rabbits cause they have been eaten by locals out of fear and religious reason. And here, they live in peace.
After a 15 minutes of walk from Zala Park through mellow tropical heavy scenting woods one reaches the shore and crosses over by boat to an island, half an hour away. An astounishing variety of birdlife will welcome you. Feels like heaven on earth when they fly over your head easy enough to reach out and touch them.

Spice Tour

ActivitiesThis is a must, as Zanzibar is Spice Island and you shall see lots of spices you know fromActivitiesyour kitchen shelf in the original natural version. Hmmm, after this tour enjoy a traditional Zanzibarian meal cooked in the open over firewood.

Stone Town

ActivitiesVisit the famous capitol of Zanzibar on a cultural tour. Pass by the Slave Market, House ofActivitiesWonders, inhale the scents of fresh vegetables, fish and spices in the old part of town and finish your day at Forodhani Garden with the most yummy Zanzibarian dishes you can dream of.

Kite Surfing

ActivitiesThe South-East Coast of Zanzibar is a perfect Kite SurfActivitiesDestination with constant winds 8 months a year, shallow water, lagoons, white sandy beaches and the most beautiful down-winders ever. One world famous kite surfing place to be, is just a few kilometers from the hotel.


ActivitiesZanzibar offers amazing sites for diving and snorkeling with great adventure. Great divingActivitiesspots in Kizimkazi with water temperature from 25°C to 29°C and the visibility is 15m to 60m.

North Coast Tour

Come and join us on this journey, passaging lush vegetation of the countryside. Find some of the bigger touristic hotels and participate in a guided tour of Nungwi village. Walk down the beach and enjoy lunch at one of the popular restaurants or spend some time with sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling.

Prison Island

ActivitiesJust off the coast near Stonetown this island learns you about the history of Zanzibar.ActivitiesPreviously owned by an Arab to house his rebellious slaves, the prison was never used, and the island is now home to a tortoise sanctuary, prison ruins and hotel.

Chumbe Island Coral Park

ActivitiesLots of activities are waiting for you on and around Chumbe Island. Explore the beauties ofActivitiesnature under competent guidance at your leisure.

Safari Blue

ActivitiesAn unforgettable full day excursion on a traditional sailing dhow.ActivitiesAnchor is dropped at beautiful uninhabited islands, where you go snorkeling in the coral reefs. Drinks are served throughout the day and lunch is a buffet of grilled fish, lobster, calamari, chicken and rice, with a tasting of tropical fruits. Explore the mangrove lagoon and be chauffeured back by our driver at sunset time, turning the sky deep blue in the twilight.

Sandbank Dinner

ActivitiesSail to a deserted sandbank, serenaded by musicians playing taarab, songs of love and loss,Activitieson violin and oud. When the sun goes down hundreds of stars are shining silver in the African sky and the moon is glowing softly low on the horizon. Tables are adorned with flowerst. The succulent seafood barbeque, includes of aromatic pilau, and a selection of tropical fruits to round off your meal, as you listen to the hush of waves lapping against the shore and watch the lights of Stone Town glimmer in the distance.


We also arrange safaris in Ruaha, Serengeti, Kilimanjaro for you, just ask our tour desk.